3260 Oscilloscope

Philips - PM 3000 Series

The PM 3260 Portable Oscilloscope enables the measurement of signals at a high sensitivity (5mV/div) over a large bandwidth of 120 MHz. The oscilloscope is provided with many thin-fim circuits which guarantee a very stable operation and and reduce the number of adjusting points. There is a wide choice of display possibilities, such as one channel, two channels alternately or chopped, two channels added, with normal and inverted positions for both input signals, and a main and delayed time-base. The PM 3260 oscilloscope features a tapless power supply with low dissipation. This power supply works on any a.c. voltage between 90V and 264V, thus obviating the need of adjusting the instrument to the local mains voltage. All these feature make the oscilloscope suitable for a very wide varietyof applications. The PM 3206E oscilloscope is a similar instrument, but without calibrated delay-time multiplier knob and probe-power supply.

  • Bandwidth: 120 MHz
  • Analog Channels: 2
  • Operating System: Embedded
  • Form Factor: Benchtop