EFA-300 Spectrum Analyzer

Narda - LF Field Analyzer

The EFA-300 is an ideal field analyzer for measuring magnetic and electric fields in the workplace and in public spaces. It is designed for professional users in the power industry, at municipal utilities, by insurers, and for health and safety professionals in industry. In the low frequency range, it handles virtually any required measurement, simply and precisely. This instrument provides field analysis using an FFT computation in addition to measuring magnetic and electric fields. The EFA-300 has a built-in, isotropic, magnetic field probe. Optional external probes can be used to handle other applications. For example, an isotropic B-field probe with high sensitivity and a large (100 cm2) cross-sectional area is available for the standardized measurement of dissimilar magnetic fields.

Frequency: 0.000005 to 0.032 MHz

User Manual Datasheet
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