IDA-3106 Spectrum Analyzer

Narda - Interference and Direction Analyzer

The Interference and Direction Analyzer IDA-3106 was specially developed for identifying and localizing interference, impairments, and unknown sources. It is not simply a receiver with attached antennas; the IDA is a complete measuring system from a single source, tailored perfectly to perform the job of efficiently localizing signal sources. It is a real direction finder in hand-held format with the qualities of a receiver. The IDA-3106 is designed as a hand-held unit for on-site use. However, the IDA is much more than just a conventional manual direction fi nder. Features that used to be available only in larger scale systems have been made affordable and portable with the IDA-3106. The IDA translates the technically feasible into a tactical solution. It is a device for the last mile, the direct path to the target.

  • Frequency: 0.009 to 6000 MHz