68245B Waveform Generator

Anritsu - 68200B Series

The Series 68200B Synthesized Signal Generators are microprocessor-based, synthesized signal sources with high resolution phase-lock capability. They generate both discrete CW frequencies and broad (full range) and narrow band sweeps across the frequency range of 10 MHz to 65 GHz. The 68200B front panel is divided into two main areasthe data display area and the data entry area.The series 68200B signal generator has two sweep frequency modesstep sweep and manual sweep. The 68200B provides up to 20 independent, pre-settable markers, F0-F9 and M0-M9, that can be used in the analog and step sweep frequency modes for precise frequency identification. Marker frequency accuracy is the same as sweep frequency accuracy.The markers are visible on a CRT display. The 682XXB produces only video markers.

Frequency: 500 MHz to 20 GHz

Channels: 1

Form Factor: Rackmount

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