AWG5012C Waveform Generator

Tektronix - AWG5000 Series

The AWG5000 Series of arbitrary waveform generators offers the industry's best solution to the challenging signal stimulus issues faced by designers who need to verify, characterize, and debug sophisticated electronic designs. With an excellent dynamic range over all modulation bandwidths, the AWG5000 Series models provide a 14-bit DAC, sample rates up to 1.2 GS/s, 2 to 4 output channels, synchronized 4 to 8 digital marker outputs, and 28 channels of digital data outputs. These instruments easily solve the toughest measurement challenges in wireless communications, defense electronics, digital consumer product design, data conversion equipment, test system synchronization, and semiconductor design and test. The open windows (Windows 7) based instruments are easy, convenient to use, and connect with peripherals and other third-party software.

Frequency: 300 MHz to 520 MHz

Channels: 2

Form Factor: Benchtop

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