MG3641A Waveform Generator

Anritsu - MG3640A Series

The MG3641A is a synthesized signal generator capable of outputing highly accurate, highly pure signals over a broad frequency range. The extremely excellent spurious characteristics and leakage characteristics offer to make the signal generator most suitable to evaluate sensitivity characteristics and interference characteristics, which comprise the basic performance of radio equipment. Meanwhile, the signal generator can also be used to test communication systems operating with a variety of modulation methods, such as a pager system, since it provides diverse modulation functions and frequency modulation with good carrier frequency stability. The generator displays its basic functions, such as frequency, output level, and memory addresses, on a 7-segment display unit. For those functions which require to have many parameters set, such as modulation, sweep function, etc., it adopts the multimenu display. Moreover, the generator boasts of an outstanding operability, since it comes equipped with a dedicated rotary knob and step keys for setting output levels.

Frequency: 125,000,000,000 µHz to 1.04 GHz

Channels: 2

Form Factor: Benchtop

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