SG396 Waveform Generator

SRS - SG390 Series

Introducing the new SG390 Series Vector Signal Generators high performance, affordable RF sources. Three new RF Signal Generators, with carrier frequencies from DC to 2.025 GHz, 4.050 GHz and 6.075 GHz, support both analog and vector modulation. The instruments utilize a new RF synthesis technique which provides spur free outputs with low phase noise (116 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz) and extraordinary frequency resolution (1 _Hz at any frequency). Both analog modulation and vector baseband generators are included as standard features.

Frequency: 950,000,000 µHz to 6.075 GHz

Channels: 2

Form Factor: Benchtop

User Manual Datasheet
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Frequency: 0.00095 MHz to 4.05 GHz

Channels: 2

Form Factor: Benchtop


Frequency: 0.0000 MHz to 0.0002 GHz

Channels: 1

Form Factor: Benchtop

SRS SG386 (N-type output)

Frequency: 0.00095 MHz to 6.075 GHz

Channels: 5

Form Factor: Benchtop