Torque Conversion Calculator

A tool designed to convert between units of torque





Torque is the measure of the tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis. The SI unit for torque is Newton-meters. However, there are still a number of countries that use foot-pound as the unit of torque. This calculator is designed to convert between torque units. 


$$\tau_{Nm} = 1.355818\tau_{ft-lb}$$


τNm = torque in Newton-meters

τft−lb = torque in foot-pounds 


The concept of torque is significant in a lot of areas in electrical engineering. One particular instance is when an electric dipole experiences a rotational force from an electric field. The torque experienced by that electric dipole is the cross product between the dipole moment and the electric field. 

The torque of a motor is an important parameter often considered by engineers. By comparing the torque (output), with the voltage (input), the efficiency of a motor can be calculated. An efficient motor means the device does not consume or waste a lot of power when in operation.

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