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Convert to and from different units of length, weight, power, temperature and torque



This page features multiple unit conversion calculators: length, weight/mass, power, temperature and torque. To use it, simply select the unit of measure, place the input value and specify its unit, select the output unit type and click the "calculate" button. 



$$L_{cm} = 2.54L_{in}$$

$$L_{km} \approx  1.609L_{mi}$$


$$w_{lbs} \approx 2.207m_{kg}$$

$$w_{oz} = 16w_{lbs}$$


$$P_{dBm} = 10log_{10}P_{mW}$$

$$P_{dBW} = 10log_{10}P_{W}$$

$$P_{mW} = 10^{\frac{P_{dBm}}{10}}$$

$$P_{W} = 10^{\frac{P_{dBW}}{10}}$$

$$P_{dBW} = P_{dBm} - 30$$

$$A = 10log_{10}\frac{P_{out}}{P_{in}}$$


$$T_{^0F} = \frac{9}{5}T_{^0C} + 32$$

$$T_{^0C} = \frac{5}{9}(T_{^0F} - 32)$$

$$T_{K} = T_{^0C} + 273.15$$


$$\tau_{Nm} = 1.355818\tau_{ft-lbs}$$


As engineers, we often deal with different type of units for different physical quantities. Although there is an established standard for the set of units to be used (SI), not all countries follow it. As we know, the U.S. still prefer the english units of measure while the rest of the world are now using metric units. Having a handy tool like this one will help you do away with memorization of formulas or conversion tables.

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