Design Project: Audio Media-Based Signal Generator

Analog Integrated Circuits

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  • Question 1

    Identify some different ways you can create the sine-wave audio tracks necessary to turn the media player into a signal generator.

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  • Question 2

    No ground symbols are seen anywhere in the schematic diagram, yet there are “ V” and “-V” labels for the two poles of the DC power supply. Where is ground in this circuit, and what establishes its potential?

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  • Question 3

    What purpose does the 1N4001 diode serve in this circuit?

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  • Question 4

    It may be important to decouple the power supply rails in this amplifier circuit, just as it is important to decouple the power supply rails in a variety of circuits where fast [dv/dt] rates can exist, and/or when electrical noise is problematic. Explain what “decoupling” is, and what it does.

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