8-bit CPU Optimized for Control Applications 8051 Core

8-bit CPU Optimized for Control Applications 8051 Core


Category: Processor

Created: September 25, 2001

Updated: January 27, 2020

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Development Status: Alpha

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The 8051 microcontroller is member of MCS-51 family, originally designed in the 1980's by Intel. The 8051 has gained great popularity since its introduction and is estimated it is used in a large percentage of all embedded system products. The basic form of 8051 core includes several on-chip peripherals, like timers and counters, additionally there are 128 bytes of on-chip data memory and up to 4K bytes of on-chip program memory.


- 8-bit CPU optimized for control applications
- Exstensive Boolean processing (single-bit logic) capabilities
- 64K Program Memory address space
- 64K Data Memory address space
- up to 64K bytes of on-chip Program Memory (ROM)
- 128 bytes of on-chip Data RAM
- 4, 8 bit wide, ports outputs (byte or bit addressable)
- 4, 8 bit wide, ports inputs (byte or bit addressable)
- Two 16-bit timer/counters
- 6-source/5-vector interrupt structure with two priority levels priority levels


Basic core is now syntesizable. I test it with XESS XSV board.
It have all pheripherals.

I/O ports

- rst (in) reset
- clk (in) clock
- int0 (in) external interrupt 0
- int1 (in) external interrupt 1
- ea (in) external access
- iadr_o (out) program rom addres
- idat_i (in) input from external rom
- istb_o (out) strobe to program rom
- iack_i (in) acknowledge from external rom
- icyc_o (out) cycle output to external rom
- dat_i (in) exteranal ram input
- dat_o (out) exteranal ram output
- adr_o (out) external address
- we_o (out) write to external ram
- stb_o (out) strobe
- ack_i (in) acknowledge
- cyc_o (out) cycle
- p0_in, p1_in, p2_in, p3_in (in) port inputs
- p0_out, p1_out, p2_out, p3_out (out) port outputs
- rxd (in) receive
- txd (out) transmit
- t0, t1 (in) t/c external inputs

IMAGE: interface.jpg

FILE: interface.jpg
DESCRIPTION: interface


- oc8051_acc: accumulator
- oc8051_alu: aritmetic logic unit
- oc8051_alu_src1_sel, oc8051_alu_src2_sel, oc8051_alu_src3_sel: alu source select modules
- oc8051_b_register: sfr b register
- oc8051_comp: compare
- oc8051_cy_select: carry select
- oc8051_decoder: main module, decodes instruction and creates control signals
- oc8051_defines
- oc8051_divide: alu submodule for division
- oc8051_dptr: data pointer register
- oc8051_ext_addr_sel: external address select
- oc8051_immediate_sel: innediate data select
- oc8051_indi_addr: indirect address select
- oc8051_int: interrupt handling module
- oc8051_multiply: alu submodule for multiplection
- oc8051_op_select: operation select
- oc8051_pc: program counter
- oc8051_ports: port inputs and outputs
- oc8051_psw: program status word
- oc8051_ram_top: data ram
- oc8051_ram_rd_sel: select address for reading from ram
- oc8051_ram_sel: ram output select
- oc8051_ram_wr_sel: select address for writing to ram
- oc8051_regX: X wide registers (used to dely signal for 1 clock)
- oc8051_rom: program rom
- oc8051_rom_addr_sel: rom address select
- oc8051_sp: stack pointer
- oc8051_tc: timer/counter
- oc8051_timescale
- oc8051_top: top module
- oc8051_uart: serial interface

IMAGE: oc8051.jpg

FILE: oc8051.jpg
DESCRIPTION: design diagram