AX8 MCU - Microcontroller Compatible with 90S1200 and 90S2313

AX8 MCU - Microcontroller Compatible with 90S1200 and 90S2313


Category: Processor

Created: May 14, 2002

Updated: January 27, 2020

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Microcontroller core compatible with 90S1200 and 90S2313. Same instruction timing as in the original MCUs. Both MCUs use the configurable AX8 core. Other MCUs using one of the two instruction sets the core supports can easily be implemented by creating a new top level. There are utilities included that can create VHDL ROMs for simulation and synthesis. The utilites create generic ROMs that can be used for simulation and for synthesis with Leonardo and also Xilinx specific ROMs that can be used for XST synthesis. Batch files for runnning XST and Leonardo synthesis can be found in syn/xilinx/run/. Before you can run the scripts you need to compile hex2rom and xrom or download binaries from here. You must also replace one of the hex files in sw/ or change the batch files to use another hex file. If you need to change target device and settings you need to edit the batch files and some of the files in syn/xilinx/bin/. The Leonardo batch file also creates the VHDL ROMs you need to run the Modelsim compile script in sim/rtl_sim/bin/. If you want to create ROMs without running the scripts use the following parameters for 90S1200: hex2rom [-b] inputfile.hex ROM1200 9l16s > ROM1200.vhd And these for 90S2313: hex2rom [-b] inputfile.hex ROM2313 10l16s > ROM2313.vhd Hex2rom can read intel/motorola hex and binary files. Browse source code here. Download latest tarball here.


- High performance, > 30 MIPS in Spartan 2 -5
- Except for the watchdog, the analog comparator and the EEPROM all peripherals and interrupts are implemented
- Supports synchronous ROM/RAM (Xilinx Block RAM compatible)
- Parametric
- Technology independent


- Not yet tested in hardware