EUS FS Alice II Open System Board

EUS FS Alice II Open System Board


Category: Prototype Board

Created: April 28, 2008

Updated: January 27, 2020

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Development Status: Stable

Additional info: Design done

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EUS FS is an "open" system board designed for industrial control and data acquisition applications. It is equipped with a 32-bit CPU working @ 200MHz (Etrax FS), Xilinx's gate array (Spartan 3E) and support electronics. A BSP package contains Linux operating system version 2.6, driver for communication with FPGA and peripheral devices. Example FPGA cores are available in source form, along with full board documentation and schematics.

EUS FS - Top side EUS FS - Bottom side

Features List

- Board dimensions 85 x 55 mm (3.35 x 2.175" )
- 200MHz, 32bit Etrax FS processor
- Up to 256MB SDRAM
- 8 - 64 MB Flash
- FPGA Spartan 3E - XC3S500-1600E connected directly on the CPU bus
- Up to 64MB dedicated independent DDR SDRAM
- Temperature, voltage and current consumption sensors implemented in MSP430 microcontroller
- Unique board serial number
- 10/100Mb Ethernet port
- 1 x USB port
- 1 x RS232 port (could be extended up to 4 ports)
- JTAG interface for FPGA (Parallel Cable IV connector)
- 91 separate input/output signals from FPGA
- IO processor, peripheral or 72 general IOs from ETRAX processor
- Single power supply voltage: 5V @ 700mA (depends on configuration and USB device consumption)
- Boot over Ethernet
- Opensource bootloader
- FPGA initialization and communication tools
- OS Linux 2.6, ftp, web server, telnet
- All source code licensed under GPL or OHGPL
- Three basic configurations:
- Full system: Etrax FS + FPGA
- Only Etrax processor
- Only FPGA with Microblaze support
- Evaluation Board is available
- Board dimensions 160 x 100 mm (6.3 x 3.94") - Eurocard compatible
- 2 x IO connector 96 pin, DIN41612 Class 3 compatible, IO signals +5V compatible and protected
- 1 x 10/100Mb Ethernet connector
- 2 x RS232 Serial connectors
- 2 x JTAG interface for FPGA and ETRAX FS (Paralel Cable IV connector)
- 1 x JTAG interface for MCU MSP430
- 1 x VGA analog video connector
- 1 x USB host connector and 1 x USB peripheral connector
- 1F high capacitance for RTC back-up
- 8kB FRAM I2C memory
- Keyboard with 5 buttons inclusive with LEDs + Reset button
- Single power supply voltage 5V, socket for EIAJ standard power plug
- SW Tool chain available

EUS FS - Block DR


- Schematic: done
- PCB Layout: done
- PCB Assembly & Testing: done
- U boot loader: done
- Linux 2.6 kernel: done
- PTXDist tool chain: done
- FPGA Boot & Communication utility: done
- FPGA Codes adn Examples: available


EUS FS Schematics, rev. 1.0
EUS FS Schematics, rev. 1.1
Starter Board Schematic

Reference designs

FPGA Registers
DDR Memory test based on Microblaze
Shows how to make LED blinking
Shows using of buttons to control LEDs
Shows how to use VGA interface
Shows how to connect registers into BUS interface