Versatile PCI Board using Spartan-II

Versatile PCI Board using Spartan-II


Category: Prototype Board

Created: December 19, 2005

Updated: January 27, 2020

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Development Status: Stable

Additional info: Design done

WishBone compliant: No

WishBone version: n/a

License: GPL


A small versatile pci board, using Spartan-II at 200k gates.

The v1.0 of board is builded, tested with opencores pci core, its state is functional.


v 1.0 feautures:
- PCI interface fully working with opencore pci project.
- I/O pins routed externaly to an external connector
- JTAG header, and small xilinx eeprom for holding the configuration.
- Jumper select local eeprom or external download or debug.
- Project aviable in gerber for manufacturing.
- .ucf aviable specificaly for use with ISE.
- Schematic aviable in pdf for description of the board.
v 2.0b feautures [To be Come]:
- Soon, as in-house prototype line will be upgraded.
- Bigger chip, projected use Spartan-III 1500/2000 BGA.
- More I/O pins with daughter card posibility expansion.
- SD card support, onboard flash, one I2C flash and 2x16bit wide SDRAM @100Mhz.
- TI high speed A/D chip [~200MS/s]with 2x analog input, analog level controled with OPA via i2c.
- One more additional FPGA chip Spartan-III 50k gates for math computing of A/D signal.


V1.0 Status:

- Prototype manufactured in-house.
- Electricaly tested, passed noise or voltage stability issues.
- PCI Core syntesed, tested with smal gpio application using a linux driver.
- Not tested for full PCI compliance, speed or other edge parameter.

V2.0 Status
- Project finished, no prototype board executed yet.
- Soon.

For people interested in board aquisition it is posible to manufacture few pieces at low cost, please contact author, requests accepted only for Eastern Europe.

FILES upload in progress, must gather all of tham and scan some photos about the board, patience please 😉