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AVX SCM and SCC Series Supercapacitors

AVX’s SCC and SCM series supercapacitors feature very high capacitance values as well as low ESR and very low leakage, making them ideal for energy storage and pulse power applications. The SCC series is made up of cylindrical supercapacitors that might look like a regular electrolytic capacitor, but offer voltage ratings of 2.7 or 3 volts with capacitance values up to 3000 farads.  The SCM series are series-connected supercapacitor modules for higher voltage applications. SCM capacitors have voltage ratings from 5 volts to 9 volts and capacitance values up to 15 farads, and a moisture-resistant plastic case in addition to the standard shrink-wrapped case. SCC and SCM series capacitors can operate at their rated voltage up to 65 degrees Celsius, and operation can be extended to 85 degrees with appropriate voltage derating.

  • Low ESR: down to 0.16 mΩ
  • Low leakage: down to 6 µA
  • SCC series: 1 F – 3000 F at 2.7 V, and 1 F – 50 F at 3 V
  • SCM series: 0.47 F – 7.5 F, 5 V to 9 V
  • SCM series case: shrink-wrapped or moisture-resistant plastic
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +65°C, up to +85°C with voltage derating

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