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EPCOS UL Rated CTVS Multilayer Varistors

EPCOS CTVS multilayer varistors by TDK offer protection against severe transient overvoltages and high surge currents. EPCOS CTVS MLVs have UL approval to the UL 1449 standard for surge protective devices, providing assurance they can withstand extensive surge and overvoltage events. The devices can be used to protect industrial, smart home, safety, and telecom applications, with dedicated MLVs to address telecom surge requirements. Devices are available in 0805 to 2220 case sizes and are rated for peak currents up to 6000 A with a maximum response time of less than half a nanosecond. CTVS MLVs offer bidirectional protection, low leakage current, and can handle repeated pulses without derating, ensuring they’re always ready to protect your device.  

  • Approval to UL 1449
  • Available for industrial, smart home, safety, telecom applications
  • 0805, 1206, 1210, 1812, 2220 case sizes
  • High surge capability up to 6kA
  • < 0.5 ns response time
  • Multiple pulse repeatability without derating

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