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TDK-EPCOS SMT Inductors | Tech Specs

December 12, 2019 by TTI, Inc

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The EPCOS SIMID (Sim-id) series of surface mount inductors by TDK includes multiple sizes and variants to address applications including decoupling, filtering, impedance matching, electromagnetic compatibility and more. 

The 0603 inductors are manufactured using a copper-plated ceramic core that is laser cut to form the inductor windings. Laser-cut inductors offer high resonant frequencies, very tight inductance tolerance, and high reliability. Wire-wound inductors in this series have the windings laser welded to the terminals, allowing them to withstand higher temperatures than soldered terminations.

These surface mount inductors are offered with inductance values from 1 nanohenry to 10,000 microhenries, and with current ratings up to 3.51 amps. All sizes are AEC-Q200 qualified, and many can be used at temperatures up to 150°C.

  • Size 0603 (EIA): Laser-cut winding on a ceramic core, offers high SRF and tight tolerance
  • Size 0805 to 2220: windings welded to terminals for high-temperature tolerance
  • Inductance values: 0.001µH to 10,000µH
  • Rated current: up to 3.51A
  • Qualified to AEC-Q200 for automotive applications
  • Operating temperature range up to +150°C

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