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Vishay's IHSR Series of Inductors

Vishay's IHSR series of inductors have a profile that is at least 20% lower than competing ferrite inductors. The low DCR has a standard tolerance of 5%, with 3% tolerance parts available for higher accuracy current sensing. Inductors are available in case sizes from 1616 to 6767, with inductance values up to 0.22 microhenries and current ratings up to 92 amps, enabling higher density designs and slimmer end products.  

With a temperature rating up to +185°C, they’re perfect for high current, multiphase power supplies up to 10 megahertz and filters in computing, telecom, and industrial applications, with AEC-Q200 qualified products for automotive applications.

  • 20% slimmer than competing ferrite inductors
  • 50% reduction in DCR
  • 5% standard DCR tolerance, 3% tolerance available
  • 1616, 4040, 5050, 6767 case sizes
  • Inductance up to 0.22µH
  • -55°C to +185°C operating temperature range

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