Vishay Introduces Low-profile Commercial Inductors in 1212 Case Size

November 14, 2019 by Gary Elinoff

The three new members of Vishay's IHLP family feature inductances ranging from 0.10 to 3.3 µH and profiles as low as 1.0 mm.

Vishay has announced three new inductors designed to conserve space in computer or telecom applications. The high-current, low-profile commercial inductors—IHLP-1212AZ-01, IHLP-1212AB-01, and IHLP-1212BZ-01—are packaged in a 1212 case size, 3.3 mm x 3.3 mm. This size—the smallest that Vishay has released to date—allows engineers to save precious board real-estate in today’s size-critical products.


Vishay’s IHLP-1212AZ-01, IHLP-1212AB-01, and IHLP-1212BZ-01

The IHLP-1212AZ-01, IHLP-1212AB-01, and IHLP-1212BZ-01. Image from Vishay


The three new inductors are optimized for energy storage in DC/DC converters up to 5 MHz. When it comes to high-current filtering applications up to the self-resonant frequency (SRF) of the inductor, the devices are designed with adept attenuation of noise.


Highlighted Applications

Applications for the new devices include servers, desktops, and notebooks. They will also find wide uses in distributed power systems, high-current, low-profile power supplies, distributed power systems, and FPGAs.

Because the inductors can operate at high temperatures, the inductors can be used for filtering and DC/DC conversion in a number of applications. Some of these applications include sensors, navigation systems, and ADAS. 


Specifications for New Members of the IHLP Family

Like many other passives, each of the three devices is offered within the standard inductance value range. Their electrical characteristics, including DC resistance and current capacity, also vary slightly among the three inductors.

But the primary differences between the three new inductors is the physical package size with the AB device at 1.2 mm, the AZ device at 1.0 mm, and the BZ device at 2.0 mm tall.

All three devices operate within the same temperature range, with a notably high-temperature max of 125° C. 


Specifications for IHLP-1212AZ-01, IHLP-1212AB-01, and IHLP-1212BZ-01


Individual Breakdown of the Three Inductors














*    SRF is an inductor’s self-resonant frequency. The SRF is the frequency at which the inductor’s inductance and its parasitic capacitance resonate to form a high-impedance, series-resonant circuit.

**   Approximate DC current in amps that will cause a ΔT of 40 °C.

*** Approximate DC current in amps that will cause inductance to drop 20%.


Details of the New Inductors

The shielded, composite construction of these inductors reduces buzz to ultra-low levels, and the devices offer high resistance to moisture, thermal shock, and mechanical shock. They also handle high-transient current spikes without saturation. 

These inductors are 100% free of lead and halogen. They are also RoHS-compliant and Vishay Green, Vishay's directive to keep their products safe for the environment. 



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