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Harwin EMC Shielding

Harwin offers a complete line of EMC shielding and related products, from clips and cans to surface mount spring contacts for grounding and antenna connections. Harwin’s full range of surface mount clips includes low-profile and corner clips that save PCB real estate. The clips also securely retain shield cans without additional soldering. Harwin also offers a shield can kit with clips and scored can sheets that can be used to quickly make custom shields during prototyping. Surface mount spring contacts, including shield fingers, antenna contacts, and grounding contacts, are available in heights from 1.23 to 7.25 millimeters with various spring forces. They’re ideal for antenna feeds, signal connections, and grounding metal devices in tight spaces.

  • Low-profile and corner clips to save PCB real estate
  • Shield Cans slot into Shield Clips, eliminating secondary manual soldering of the can
  • Standard can sizes available from stock
  • Shield Can Kit for making custom shield can for fast prototyping
  • Spring contacts with heights from 1.23mm to 7.25mm in a variety of spring forces
  • Clips and contacts are SMT, supplied in Tape and Reel packaging for simplified automated assembly and low production costs

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