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Harwin Datamate High Power Contacts | Tech Specs

May 01, 2020 by TTI, Inc

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Harwin Datamate High Power Contacts

Harwin Datamate high power contacts are rated for 40 amp nominal and 80 amp max currents, allowing for maximum power in a compact and lightweight connector housing. 

They’re meant for use in extreme environments with exposure to high vibration, shock, and temperatures, and the contacts have 30 micro-inches of gold plating for increased durability. Stainless steel jackscrew hardware provides strain relief and ensures a strong connection.

Their rugged and durable performance makes them ideal for use in aircraft flap actuators, avionics, rotary and linear actuators, and other aerospace and industrial applications. 

  • Current rating: 40A nominal, 80A max 
  • Compact connector system reduces weight and space 
  • Tolerant to high vibration (10G, 6 hours) and shock (100G, 6 ms) 
  • Operation up to 150°C (with derating) 
  • 30u” gold plated contacts for high durability 
  • Suitable for aerospace, defense, industrial, and other high temperature/high current applications 

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