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Harwin SYCAMORE Contacts | Tech Specs

December 07, 2017 by TTI, Inc

Harwin SYCAMORE Contacts are single piece, beryllium copper contacts that can be used for signal or power with all those odd-form components.

In this video series from TTI, we showcase new products and highlight their specs.

Harwin SYCAMORE Contacts

Not all components can plug into a regularly-spaced socket.  Enter Harwin SYCAMORE Contacts, a single piece, beryllium copper contact that can be used for signal or power with all those odd-form components. Variants of the contact allow for top or bottom entry of the pins, with sockets to fit pins from 0.8 to 1.9 mm, and the open design accommodates extra long pins. The contacts are surface mount, with the socket sticking through a hole in the PCB, and they have three points of contact.  I don’t have time to go through all the math right now, but that’s 50% more contact points than traditional sockets with two points of contact, and that improves contact reliability. SYCAMORE Contacts are perfect for plug-in sensors used in fire and gas detection, security, home automation, and other devices where you need components to be easily replaceable, or with components that can’t tolerate exposure to high temperatures, and they’re compatible with automated assembly.

  • One-piece SMT PCB Contacts
  • Current Rating: 6 A
  • Entry types: Top or Bottom
  • Mating pin sizes: 0.80 to 1.30 mm, 1.50 to 1.90 mm
  • Three points of contact: Improves contact reliability

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