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Harwin Datamate Power Contacts

Sometimes you need to put phenomenal power in an itty bitty space, and that’s just what Harwin does with the Datamate High Current contacts.  These contacts are available in Harwin’s Datamate Mix-Tek family of mixed power and signal connectors, with the high current contacts nominally rated to 40 A; double the current rating of standard Mix-Tek power contacts.  The contacts are gold plated for high durability, have a wide temperature range, and the connectors use jackscrews for high shock and vibration tolerance, making them suitable for aerospace and industrial connections.  Male and female connectors using the 40 A contacts are also available as a standard off-the-shelf product with up to 6 positions, so you can immediately benefit from the high power contacts in a compact, lightweight connector.


  • 40 A nominal current rating (80 A max)
  • 30 microinch (0.76 µm) gold plated contacts
  • Up to +150°C operational temperature
  • Vibration up to 10G g, shock up to 100 g
  • Male horizontal and vertical PC tail, female cable connectors
  • 2, 4, 6 positions

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