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Harwin Datamate T-Contact

Harwin's Datamate T-contact is made from a single, solid piece of beryllium copper, providing additional metal mass to handle up to 8.5 amps in the 2-millimeter pitch Datamate interconnect system. That’s a significant improvement over the 3.3 amp rating of the standard signal contact, and helps designers meet power requirements with ever-tightening space constraints. The T-contact also uses a 6-finger design that increases surface contact and surface wipe area for improved contact reliability.

The T-contact can withstand 40g vibrations for 6 hours and 100g shocks, making it a fit for mechanical stresses of military, aerospace, oil and gas, robotics, and other rugged applications. The contacts are also incredibly durable, with a 30 to 40 micro-inch gold finish rated for 1000 mating cycles.

  • 8.5 A max current rating individually, 3.5 A with all contacts electrically loaded
  • 6-finger, single-piece beryllium copper contact
  • 60% more surface wipe for increased self-cleaning
  • 40g vibration for 6 hours
  • 100g shock for 6 ms
  • 30µ” to 40µ” gold plating for 1000 mating cycle durability

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