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February 28, 2023 by Infineon Technologies

Infineon offers a broad portfolio of innovative solutions for any power tool application.



Infineon Cordless Power Tools

Today’s power tools challenge modern electronics to meet the continually tighter size, performance and thermal constraints.

Customers expect reliable and portable, battery-powered power tools at affordable prices. The power tools themselves must also be equipped with diagnostic and safety features.

Infineon’s MOSFETs offer a high current carrying capability and withstand  high surge currents during inrush, locked rotor, and motor braking conditions.  

Several MOSFET families to choose from, such as the OptiMOS™ series, that feature state-of-the-art low RDS(on) and optimized charging ratio, while the StrongRFET™ provides an excellent price-to-performance ratio for a variety of motor drive use cases.

Infineon gate drivers offer a wide range of output current options, high configurability and robust gate drive protection features that contribute to increased reliability for power tools with a longer field life.

Infineon’s  32-bit M0 XMC™ and PSoC™ MCUs offer peripherals such as CCU8 or POSIF to support Hall, linear, or quadrature rotary encoders. A motor-control-specific MATH co-processor allows for optimized motor control.

Infineon’s wireless solution integrates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® 5.2 in a single-chip solution to enable small form-factor IoT designs, allowing for connectivity in power tools.

Infineon offers an array of sensor technologies with Hall switches, linear Hall sensors, angle sensors, 3D Hall sensors, magnetic speed sensors, and current sensors.

Easy-to-use evaluation boards are also available such as the 6EDL7141 board configured for 3 shunt FOC operation that enables rapid prototyping of motor control systems with a three-phase inverter and the latest generation of OptiMOS™ MOSFETs.

Infineon’s portfolio of sensors, MCUs, power MOSFETs, gate drivers, battery management systems, as well as charging and connectivity solutions, enable designers to build next-generation, reliable power tools with ease.

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