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Infineon DC-DC LITIX boost Controller | Product Sociable

February 06, 2023 by Infineon Technologies

Infineon delivers innovative, high-performance LED driver IC solutions with best-in-class technologies that can be used in a broad range of LED lighting applications.



Infineon DC-DC LITIX boost Controller

New developments in LED lighting designs require innovative solutions that provide more lighting control, more power density, improved efficiency, and reduced costs.

The LITIX™ Power family, for instance, consists of a buck converter, low-side switch controllers, and 4-switch buck-boost controllers.

This includes the TLD6098-1EP single-channel and TLD6098-2ES dual-channel low-side switch boost DC-DC controllers for cost-effective medium power applications. 

They support step-up and step-down LED drivers topologies such as boost, buck, buck-boost, SEPIC, and flyback topologies to enable maximum design flexibility.

Continuous monitoring of load status is implemented in all devices. Some models also offer a spread spectrum to optimize EMC behavior.

Infineon’s LITIX™ provides robust protection for automotive LED lighting applications. These ICs mitigate any overstress caused by voltage spikes or over-temperature. 

The combinations of all of these features make Infineon’s LITIX™ Power TLD6098 low-side switch boost DC-DC controllers ideal for lighting applications in harsh conditions. 

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