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Analog Devices Synchronous Buck‑Boost DC/DC Controllers | Featured Product Spotlight

December 22, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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Analog Devices Synchronous Buck‑Boost DC/DC Controllers

Analog Devices’ LT8210 synchronous buck-boost DC/DC controllers are designed for automotive, industrial, telecom, avionics, and other applications, offering pin-selectable operating modes providing flexibility and maximize efficiency.

The controllers can operate from an input voltage that ranges from 2.8V to 100V and can produce an output from 1V to 100V, with ±1.25% accuracy over the full -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range. They also offer ±3% current monitoring accuracy and ±5% current regulation accuracy.

The controllers include four 10V N-channel MOSFET gate drivers, are protected against reverse inputs up to -40V using a single N-channel MOSFET, and are offered in a 38-lead TSSOP or 40-lead QFN package. The Analog Devices LT8210 controllers support DCM, CCM, and burst mode for standard buck-boost operation, with the output regulated to a fixed voltage that is set by feedback resistors.

They also have a unique pass-thru operation mode. In pass-thru, the buck and boost voltages are set independently, creating a programmable window where no switching occurs. Between the Vboost and Vbuck thresholds, the top switches are turned on to pass the input voltage directly to the output.

This reduces the controller quiescent current to 18µA, and the absence of switching in pass-thru enables efficiency up to 99.9%. The operating mode can be dynamically changed and is compatible with logic levels from 1.8V to 5V.

The controllers support switching frequencies from 80kHz to 400kHz, which can be set by an external resistor or synced to an external clock. There is also an internal charge pump that maintains the bootstrap capacitor voltage to avoid forced top MOSFET refresh noise in buck and boost modes. 

For all the details on the Analog Devices LT8210 and the benefits of its different operating modes, visit

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