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Analog Devices LDO Linear Regulators | Featured Product Spotlight

April 19, 2018 by Mouser Electronics

Analog Devices offers a broad family of low dropout linear regulators, including positive, negative, and extended temperature regulators.

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Analog Devices LDO Linear Regulators

Analog Devices offers a broad family of low dropout linear regulators including positive, negative, and extended temperature regulators. LDOs are widely used because they offer a small footprint, are easy to design-in, require no magnetics, and have low output voltage noise.

ADI offers positive output LDOs with an extensive range of features and capabilities to address a wide range of applications. LDOs are available with inputs from 0.9V to 80V, and with outputs from 0V to 60V at up to 10A.

Many LDOs feature Analog Devices’ UltraFast transient response technology, which requires less bulk capacitance, allowing designers to use ceramic capacitors instead of bulky electrolytic or tantalum capacitors. Available protection features include reverse voltage, reverse current, and reverse output protection, making them ideal for automotive, avionics, and industrial applications. Additional options include high PSRR, ultra-low-power LDOs with sub-5 µA quiescent current for keep alive or RTCs, paralleling to spread heat across the PCB, and multiple outputs for core and logic or similar multi-rail applications.

Analog Devices also offers a wide range of negative LDOs with extremely robust performance. While it’s possible to use a positive LDO to generate a negative supply, the topology leads to poor noise and regulation performance and possible issues with supply sequencing.

Negative LDOs are offer many of the same features and options available with positive LDOs, but are designed specifically for generating a negative output from a supply as wide as -1.5 to -36 V. Negative LDOs are available with positive and negative shutdown logic, and dual output versions, such as the LT3032, generate both a positive and negative supply.

For reliability in harsh environments, Analog Devices offers the H-grade and Military Plastic MP grade for products throughout their family of LDOs. H-grade LDOs are 100% tested at hot, either 125°C or 150°C as specified in the relevant datasheet, and are sample tested at -40°C with an expanded sample size and zero allowed failures.  MP-grade LDOs are 100% tested at hot and cold, which is -55°C for MP-grade LDOs.

For more details on Analog Devices’ broad family of positive, negative, and extended temperature LDOs, visit

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