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Infineon Multicopter and Drone System Solutions | Product Sociable

March 07, 2023 by Infineon Technologies

Infineon produces cost-effective system solutions for the rapidly growing commercial multicopter market, ensuring designs are lighter, have longer flying time, and are safe and reliable.



Infineon Multicopter and Drone System Solutions

Our world has transitioned to e-mobility. Electric cars, trucks, bikes, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles are already on our roads.

Moving forward, electric aircraft, such as multicopters, will become a common sight.

Smaller models, such as drones, fly completely with electricity.

Larger aircraft for more than 15 people still rely on a secondary energy source.

For large electric aircraft to truly be realized, batteries must have a high energy density and become lighter. All the while, electric motors must continually increase in efficiency.

While the viability of battery-powered commercial airliners may be in the future, multicopters remain one of the largest growth segments in commercial robotics.

Infineon brings complete system solutions to this market with a lineup that includes every essential semiconductor, including power electronics, controllers, security, authentication, and sensors.

Project development effort can be reduced by 30% using reference designs and the DAVE™ platform for microcontroller programming.

Multifunctional sensors guarantee easy, stable, smooth, and accurate control of multicopters. Closed loop control of gimbal motors and sensors enhances the stability of the camera and data transmission when recording video.

Active battery balancing increases the capacity and life of batteries by more than 10%. A smart battery management system continuously controls the function and charge of all battery cells and improves their utilization.

Brushless DC motor controllers and drivers, like Infineon’s new IMD701A,  allow for a more efficient motor with space and energy savings while improving system reliability and cost.

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