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Infineon Technologies Automotive HybridPACK IGBT Modules | New Product Brief

February 22, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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Infineon Technologies Automotive HybridPACK IGBT Modules

Infineon Technologies HybridPACK IGBT Modules are a family of power modules for hybrid and electric vehicle main inverters providing designers with maximum scalability across voltages and power classes up to 150kW. HybridPACK IGBT modules integrate all of the necessary power semiconductors in a compact design with optimized cooling and six different package options.

Modules are offered with nominal collector current ratings from 200A to 900A and collector-emitter voltages up to 1200V.  The modules are designed using Infineon’s EDT2 IGBTs, which offer leading current density and robust operation for use in automotive applications.

They also offer low collector-emitter saturation voltages and low switching losses for maximum efficiency and minimum self-heating.

  • Power module family for hybrids and EVs with maximum scalability
    • Optimized for inverters up to 150kW
  • Integrates all power semiconductors in a compact package
  • IC (nominal): 200A to 900A
  • VCES: 400V to 1200V
  • Based on Infineon EDT2 IGBTs
  • Maximum efficiency:
    • Low VCE(SAT)
    • Low switching losses

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