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Infineon Technologies IPT059N15N3 | New Product Brief

October 19, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

This New Product Brief (NPB) is part of a video series highlighting the features, applications, and technical specs of newly-released products.

Infineon  Technologies IPT059N15N3

Infineon Technologies’ IPT059N15N3 150V OptiMOS 3 power transistor offers an industry-leading combination of low RDS,ON and a high current rating in a compact package. 

The IPT059N15N3 is rated for a continuous drain current up to 155 amps and can handle pulsed drain currents up to 620 amps. This is paired with a 5.9 milliohm max RDS,ON and an excellent figure of merit, allowing for high efficiency DC-DC conversion at power levels in the kilowatts.  

This MOSFET is housed in a tiny TO-Leadless package, which has a smaller footprint and is thinner than D2PAK devices, for a total space reduction of 60%. The small package and high power density combined with the excellent thermal performance of the TO-Leadless package enable highly compact designs. 

The design also offers a larger contact area, reducing current density, temperature, and electromigration at high current levels, leading to increased reliability. 

  • High current capability 
    • Continuous drain current: up to 155A 
    • Pulsed drain current: up to 620A 
  • Low resistance 
    • RDS,ON (max): 5.9mΩ 
  • Compact package: 
    • 9.9mm x 11.7mm x 2.3mm 
    • 60% space reduction compared to D2PAK 
  • Enabling compact design 
    • Less paralleling and cooling required 
  • Highest reliability 
    • Improved solder contact area reduces thermal and electromigration problems 

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