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Intel RealSense Depth Camera D400 Series | Featured Product Spotlight

September 26, 2018 by Mouser Electronics

The Intel RealSense Depth Camera D400 Series includes a vision processor, modules, and full-featured cameras designed for use indoors or outdoors and can be used reliably in any lighting environment.

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Intel RealSense Depth Camera D400 Series 

The Intel RealSense Depth Camera D400 Series includes a vision processor, modules, and full-featured cameras, all supported with SDKs and computer vision libraries and designed to add depth perception to applications such as augmented and virtual reality, robotics, automobiles, drones and more, enabling more sophisticated computer vision. The series is designed for use indoors or outdoors and can be used reliably in any lighting environment.

The Intel® RealSense Depth Camera D400 Series works using a left and right imager to capture the scene and feeds this image data to the D4 vision processor. The D4 VPU correlates points on the two images and uses the shift between the images to calculate the depth of each point in the scene. The VPU then outputs the depth data stream and full HD RGB data for use by the host.

The D4 VPU handles all image stream processing, including rectification for optics and alignment compensation, with support for up to five cameras, time stamping, and real-time sync across multiple sensors. The VPU implements active power gating to lower power consumption. Data is streamed to the host over a standard USB 3.0 interface, and the IC is available in a 6.4 mm x 6.4 mm x 1 mm BGA package or as the pre-assembled compact D4 Vision Processor card for easy integration.

The D4 VPU can be paired with one of the available depth modules, which are turnkey modules meant for rapid development and integration. Various modules are available with different performance characteristics and features, allowing designers to optimize for power consumption, required field of view, and shutter type, with rolling and global shutters available. Modules are also available with an IR projector and a separate RGB sensor. The modules offer ranges beyond 10 m, depending on the scene, required accuracy, and lighting conditions. The D400 series modules stream depth data at resolutions up to 1280x720 and at frame rates up to 90 fps. Each features a 50-pin connector that allows it to easily pair with the D4 Vision Processor card.

Fully featured cameras are also available, integrating the depth module with IR projector and D4 VPU in a USB-powered camera. The D415 is based on the D410 module, offering a rolling shutter sensor and a standard field of view for more precise depth measurements. The D435 uses the D430 module, with a wider field of view and a global shutter allowing it to be used with fast-moving scenes. To learn more about the Intel Intel RealSense Depth Camera D400 Series, including the cameras, depth modules, and D4 VPU, visit

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