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INTEL Silicon Photonics | New Product Brief

April 20, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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INTEL Silicon Photonics

Intel® Silicon Photonics is a combination of two important inventions: the silicon integrated circuit and the semiconductor laser. It enables faster data transfer over longer distances compared to traditional electronics utilizing the efficiencies of Intel®'s high-volume silicon manufacturing.

Intel offers the only fully integrated silicon photonics solution with Intel's hybrid laser technology, featuring greater than 90% coupling efficiency.

High-density optical interconnects are delivered with unmatched manufacturing capabilities, scale, and cost-efficiency. These industry-standard products have already been adopted by cloud service providers for high-bandwidth software-configurable access to compute and storage, as well as Software Defined Infrastructure deployments.

Intel’s Silicon Photonics enables future data center bandwidth growth and next-generation 5G deployments using smaller form factors and higher speeds, from 100 Gigabits today to 400 Gigabits and beyond tomorrow, while providing new platforms for optical integration.

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