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Coilcraft LPD8035V Series Inductors

Coilcraft LPD8035V series are miniature, high-voltage, 1:1 coupled inductors that provide designers significant size and cost reductions over traditional bobbin-wound inductors. Coupled inductors are typically used for their improved transient performance and ripple noise cancellation, and the LPD8035V series use an ultra-small 7.92 x 6.4 x 3.5 mm package. Despite the small package, the inductors still provide 1500 Vrms, one minute isolation between windings, with inductance values from 4.7 µH to 150 µH. The inductors offer peak current ratings up to 2.7 A and a tight coupling coefficient for improved ripple cancellation. The LPD8035V series is AEC-Q200 Grade 3 qualified and is ideal for flyback, SEPIC and isolated-buck converter designs for automotive and other high-temperature applications. 

  • Ultra-small package: 7.92 × 6.4 × 3.5 mm
  • 1500 Vrms, one minute isolation (hipot) between windings
  • Inductance values: 4.7 µH to 150 µH
  • Peak current rating: up to 2.7 A
  • Tight coupling coefficient ≥0.97
  • AEC-Q200 Grade 3 (−40°C to +85°C) qualified

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