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Maxim Integrated MAXM15462 Compact Step-Down Power Module

Maxim Integrated’s MAXM15462 is a compact step-down power module that combines the benefits of Maxim’s switching regulators with the size and plug-and-play simplicity of an LDO. And while the modules are very small, they still meet the electrical, mechanical, and thermal requirements of industrial and other harsh applications.

The MAXM15462 is part of Maxim’s Himalaya uSLIC power module family. The uSLIC, or micro system-level IC, leverages advanced packaging technology to fit a complete switching regulator in a 10-pin 2.6 mm x 3 mm x 1.5 mm package that has a footprint the same size as a traditional LDO.

Inside this uSLIC module is a synchronous, wide-input Himalaya buck converter, including the MOSFETs, output inductor, slope compensation, and additional functions. The module’s controller implements a peak-current-mode architecture and provides a fixed 4.1ms soft-start time to limit inrush current. The result is a solution that is up to 2.25 times smaller than an equivalent discrete implementation.

The module has a wide operating supply range of 4.5 to 42V and is tolerant up to 48V. This allows it to operate from nominal 5, 12, 24, and 36V rails, with ample headroom for noise and transients. The MAXM15462 can output up to 300mA, and the output voltage is programmable from 0.9 to 5V, with a ±1.44% feedback accuracy. The module operates in PFM-mode for high efficiency at light loads and naturally transitions to PWM-mode at loads above 130mA. For frequency-sensitive applications, a mode selection pin is available to force fixed-frequency PWM mode. The MAXM15462 operates at up to 90% efficiency and consumes just 2.2 µA of current in shutdown.

It complies with EN55022 Class B limits for conducted and radiated emissions, and it passes JEDEC vibration, shock, and drop testing standards. The module offers wide ambient and junction temperature ratings, hiccup, overcurrent, and overtemperature protection, and a programmable undervoltage lockout. For more information on Maxim’s tiny MAXM15462 power module, visit


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