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Microchip High-Speed Synchronous Buck Controllers | New Product Brief

November 28, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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Microchip High-Speed Synchronous Buck Controllers

Microchip’s MCP19035 family of analog-based PWM controllers have integrated MOSFET drivers and support high switching frequencies to minimize the total design footprint.

Controllers can switch at 300 or 600 kilohertz and are offered with multiple dead-time options allowing them to be used with a variety of MOSFETs while optimizing performance. When paired with MOSFETs with a low Figure of Merit, such as Microchip’s MCP87000 series, the MCP19035 series controllers can operate at over 96% power conversion efficiency.

The controllers can operate from supplies up to 30 volts and are designed to drive loads up to 20 amps, making them ideal for use with FPGAs, set-top boxes, and point-of-load applications. In addition to the MOSFET drivers, the controllers integrate current sensing, a 5V linear regulator to power low-noise loads, multiple protection features, and other functions.

The MCP19035 is housed in a 10-pin 3 by 3-millimeter DFN package that further reduces the footprint of the power design.

  • Fixed Switching Frequency: 300kHz or 600 kHz
    • Multiple Dead-Time Options for low-FoM MOSFET Compatibility
  • Up to 96% efficiency when paired with low-FoM MOSFETs such as Microchip MCP87xxx series
  • Wide Input voltage range: 4.5V to 30V
    • Intended for applications up to 20A
  • Integration: MOSFET drivers, current sensing, linear regulator
    • Protections: short circuit, overcurrent, overtemperature, under-voltage lockout
  • Package: 10-lead DFN, 3mm x 3mm x 0.9mm 

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