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MICROCHIP WFI32E01 Wi-Fi MCU Modules | Featured Product Spotlight

April 24, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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Microchip Technology WFI32E01 Wi-Fi® MCU Modules are stand-alone, fully certified 2.4GHz Wi-Fi modules with an optional secure element for fast time-to-market in IoT, industrial and home automation applications, and many other wireless and cloud-connected applications. The module is based on PIC32MZ-W1 Wi-Fi SoC, this includes a single-band 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi radio and supports access point, station, SoftAP, and Wi-Fi direct modes with WPA/WPA2/WPA3, TLS, and SSL security protocols. It also has a high-performance 200MHz MIP32® M-Class Microprocessor Core with 1MB Flash and 320KB RAM. This has USB, CAN/CAN-FD, 10/100 ethernet MAC, 2x high accuracy 12-bit ADCs as well as 6 CVD touch inputs, and 37 GPIOs.

The modules are optionally available with Microchip's Trust&Go Platform with a hardware-based secure element. This is pre-configured and pre-provisioned for cloud platforms including AWS, Azure Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform. It also provides a hardware crypto engine and secure key storage. The WFI32E01 includes an RF Front-end module and antenna matching circuit, a 40MHz oscillator, and a PCB antenna or u.FL connector for an external antenna. It's a 54-pin SMD module, with a 24.5mm x 20.5mm footprint with 2.5mm module height.

It operates from 3.0V to 3.63V supply and can be used from -40°C to +85°C industrial temperature range.

To learn more about the capabilities of Microchip’s WFI32E01 Wi-Fi MCU modules and the different options that are available, visit

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