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Molex Imperium High Voltage/High Current Connector System

With the Molex Imperium High Voltage/High Current Connector System, designers can reliably connect up to 1000V and 250 A per contact. The Imperium HVHC system addresses multiple challenges in electrifying commercial vehicles. The connectors have a closed-loop 360° shield to mitigate EMI and RFI concerns, and the headers have a face shield with redundant grounding tabs to simplify grounding. To keep operators safe, the connectors integrate MX150 high-voltage interlock loop crimp terminals to eliminate arcing that can occur when disconnecting at high voltages and protective, insulated contact caps that meet touch-proof industry safety requirements. Molex Imperium HVHC uses highly conductive single piece contacts with very low contact resistance (which minimizes power loss), are IP6K9K when mated, and have a compression-face seal that requires less enclosure machining and allows the connectors to be used with cast or low-cost sheet metal enclosures.

  • Capable of handling up to 1000V and 250.0A per contact
  • Closed-loop 360-degree shield design with grounding tabs
  • MX150™ HVIL crimp terminal eliminates high-voltage arcing during disconnects
  • Extremely low contact resistance
  • Fully sealed to IP6K9K while mated
  • Compression-face seal reduces enclosure machining costs

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