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Molex Woodhead ArcArrest 30 Amp Switch-Rated Connector | Tech Specs

October 16, 2018 by TTI, Inc

Molex’s Woodhead ArcArrest 30 amp switch-rated connector aims to offer a simple, fast way to de-energize industrial equipment.

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Molex Woodhead ArcArrest 30 Amp Switch-Rated Connector

Molex’s Woodhead ArcArrest 30 amp switch-rated connector aims to offer a simple, fast way to de-energize industrial equipment to protect workers. The connector body is constructed of 100% Valox materials that contain arcing during disconnection under load separation. Its rugged design protects workers from arc flash and electrical energy while they quickly cut power and can instantly see that the equipment is de-energized and ready for lockout.  

The silver alloy contacts are furnace brazed for flatness and position accuracy, compared to traditional flame brazing. Valox also offers improved dimensional stability over nylon-based connectors for a longer service life and the connectors are laser labeled for permanency.

Molex Woodhead ArcArrest connectors are Type 4X and IP69K rated and have integrated holes for lockout/tagout procedures.

  • 30.0 A UL 2682 switch-rated connector
  • Branch circuit switch testing: 6,000 cycles at rated current
  • Furnace brazed silver alloy contacts
  • 100% Valox for all molded components
  • Type 4X and IP69K rated
  • Integrated lockout/tagout holes

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