In this video series from TTI, we showcase new products and highlight their specs.

Molex Lite-Trap Connectors

LEDs are cool, but shadows aren’t. Lite-Traps are wire-to-board connectors for downlights and strip lights, and they have a low-profile to minimize shadowing. They also make installation and removal easu, with low insertion force and a push-button latch for removal. They come in three options: the standard, mini, and bottom entry. The standard and bottom-entry are both rated for 9 A, but the bottom-entry is for serious shadow problems.  It mounts to one side of the board, with the housing sticking through an opening to make wire connections on the other side, giving you the smallest amount of housing exposure, as well as wiring from the rear side. You can also opt for the 3 A Mini Lite-Trap, which is 70% smaller than the standard Lite-Trap, so it can fit into tight spaces while still providing the ease-of-use of the Lite-Trap.

  • Wire Insertion Force: 10.0 N max
  • Standard: 4.2 mm height
  • Mini: 2.65 mm height
  • Bottom-Entry: 6.3 mm height (from bottom of solder position)
  • Current (max): Standard/Bottom-Entry: 9 A; Mini: 3.0 A
  • Mini: 70% smaller volume than Standard

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