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Molex Brad Micro-Push M12 Cordsets and Connectors 

Molex Brad Micro-Push M12 Cordsets and Connectors are IP65 rated and easy to install, giving you just the protection you need, boosting operational efficiency, and lowering costs.  

The push-on mating interface is backwards compatible with legacy M12 connectors, but reduces installation time by up to 80%, and the threadless coupling also eliminates reverse threading that may occur in high vibration applications.  

The connectors and cordsets can carry up to 4 amps at 250 volts. They’re good for at least 100 mating cycles, and the use of a non-metallic coupler helps minimize costs and alleviates grounding and ESD concerns.

  • Push-on M12 interface with IP65 rating
  • Reduces installation time by up to 80%
  • Threadless coupling eliminates reverse threading in high vibration environments
  • 4A and 250V AC/DC max ratings
  • 100 mating cycle (min) durability
  • Non-metallic coupler alleviates grounding and ESD concerns

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