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Molex SlimStack | Tech Specs

July 25, 2019 by TTI, Inc

These low-profile, narrow width connectors are ideal for a range of applications.

This episode of Tech Specs is part of a video series highlighting the features, applications, and technical specs of newly-released products.

Molex SlimStack

Molex SlimStack board-to-board connectors are low-profile, narrow width connectors ideal for automotive, industrial, medical, and mobile devices. 

SlimStack connectors are available with a mating height as low as 0.6 millimeters and pitch down to 0.35 millimeters. The connectors have up to 200 circuits and a double contact design to ensure reliability even in harsh environments, with configurations that can carry signals up to 28 gigabits per second or current up to 10.0 amps. 

Molex also offers floating options ideal for easier assembly and blind mating, protective metal covers, and locking options that provide audible mating feedback and increased retention force.

  • Mated height: 0.60mm to 16.00mm
  • Pitch: 0.35mm to 0.80mm
  • Circuits: 6 to 200, double contact design for electrical and mechanical reliability
  • Speed: up to 28Gbps
  • Current: up to 10.0A
  • Floating options for easier assembly and blind mating

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