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Molex ML-XT Connector System | Tech Specs

September 20, 2018 by TTI, Inc

Molex’s MX150 Sealed Connector Systems meets up to USCAR-2 Class 4 requirements and are ideal for signal and power transmission in on-engine, high-vibration, under-hood, and under-chassis applications on all types of vehicles, construction equipment, and marine equipment.

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Molex ML-XT Sealed Connectors

The Molex ML-XT sealed connectors are a one-piece solution, with a covalently interlocked interfacial seal on the plug that provides IP68 and IP69K sealing.  It also meets the specifications of SAE J2030. The rear seal is covered and made from high consistency rubber. This prevents tearing and allows for an extremely tight bend radius without damaging the seal. In terms of terminals, Molex offers both stamped and formed terminals for production and machine solid pin for service and repair.  The locking latch and color coding make for fast and easy mating and unmating, with two-circuit to eighteen-circuit connectors available.

  • Drop in replacement for defacto-standard industry connectors
  • One-piece plug housing and interfacial seal
  • IP68 and IP69k rated, meets specifications of SAE J2030
  • Covered HCR rear seal allows flexible cable exits, maintains optimum seal position
  • Full range of terminals to support production or service and repair
  • Color-coded housings available for easy visual mating

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