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NXP A1006 Secure Authenticators

NXP A1006 Secure Authenticators use asymmetric elliptic curve cryptography for tamper-resistant authentication that can be used to prevent counterfeiting and cloning of devices and provide cryptographically secure authentication between host and client. The A1006 is small and can be easily integrated using either its I2C or one-wired interfaces, and the asymmetric authentication eliminates the need for secure key storage in the host. Authentication time less than 50 ms ensures a seamless user experience, and the authenticators consume very little power. A 4 kbit EEPROM supports two certificates, secure system memory, and user needs, and each A1006 is programmed with unique public and private keys in NXP’s certified secure manufacturing facility to prevent attacks from being scalable. 

  • Authentication Protocol: asymmetric, based on NIST B-163 elliptic curve
  • Packages: 2 mm2 HXSON-6, 1 mm2 WLCSP-4
  • Interfaces: 400 kbps I2C, 100 kbps bus-powered one wired
  • Authentication time: <50 ms
  • Current consumption: 50 μA typical, 3 μA deep sleep
  • 4 kbit EEPROM: 2x 1 kbit certificates, 1 kbit user + ID, 1 kbit system

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