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Ohmite TKH45 Power Resistors | Tech Specs

August 28, 2018 by TTI, Inc

The TKH45 series resistors from Ohmite have the same footprint as standard TO-252 resistors but are a smaller size, measuring 0.91 mm thick.

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Ohmite TKH45 Power Resistors

The TKH45 series resistors from Ohmite have the same footprint as standard TO-252 resistors but are a smaller size, measuring 0.91 mm thick. TKH45 resistors are 45 watt thick film chip resistors with many advantages besides their low profile. The thick film construction requires no wire bonding or soldering of internal chip resistors, which increases reliability while reducing inductance for improved performance in pulsed applications. The resistors also have fewer thermal layers and a large resistance area for improved thermal performance, with a thermal resistance of just 3.0°C/W, and they can be used with Ohmite’s D series heatsink. The TKH45 series has a wide negative 55 to positive 175 degrees Celsius temperature range and is ideal for use in automotive applications, PV, UPS, and motor control inverters, and other high wattage applications.

  • Low-profile (0.91 mm thick) with TO-252 footprint
  • Resistance range: 0.02 Ω to 510 kΩ
  • 14.65 nH ESL
  • Low 3.0°C/W thermal resistance (resistor to back metal)
  • Compatible with Ohmite D series heatsinks
  • -55°C to +175°C temperature range

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