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onsemi RSL15 Evaluation & Development Board | New Product Brief

June 08, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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onsemi RSL15 Evaluation & Development Board

onsemis’s RSL15 Evaluation and Development Board is designed to be used with the RSL15 Software Development Kit.

The RSL15 Dev Board evaluates the performance and capabilities of the RSL15 MCUs. The board is intended for developing, demonstrating, and debugging software applications for the RSL15.

A comprehensive yet easy to use Software Development Kit (SDK) contains drivers, libraries, sample code, development tools, and mobile apps.

The RSL evaluation board includes easy code download and debugging with SEGGER® J-Link® on-board technology. Access to all RSL15 interfaces and GPIOs via standard 0.1inch headers.

The kit features an integrated PCB antenna with matching and filtering network, a battery holder, and automatic power supply switching between battery and USB. The power from the USB connection is 5V regulated down to 3.0V by an onboard regulator.

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