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RECOM REMxE Medical Grade DC/DC Converters

RECOM Power REM3.5E, REM5E, and REM6E series are compact 3.5W to 6W medical-grade regulated DC/DC converters. These converters are 2MOPP compliant, with 250VAC continuous working voltage isolation and 8mm of clearance and creepage. 

They also have a leakage current of 2µA or less and qualify for use in type B, BF, and CF medical equipment. The converters are UL marked, have multiple safety certifications, and are offered with up to 10kVDC reinforced insulation for use in virtually any medical application. 

They operate from a wide 2:1 input range, providing tightly regulated single or dual outputs from 3.3V to 24V and are available in DIP24 or SMD packages.

  • 2xMOPP, 250VAC working voltage isolation 
  • Clearance and creepage: ≥8mm
  • Leakage current: ≤2µA
    • Can be used in type B, BF, and CF medical equipment
  • IEC/EN/UL 60601 certified with CB Report (3rd Ed. Safety, 4th Ed. EMC) 
  • Up to 10kVDC reinforced insulation
  • Outputs up to 6W
    • 3.3V to 24V single
    • ±5V to ±15V dual

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