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Samtec MEC5 Extreme Density Micro Edge Card Sockets

Samtec MEC5 Extreme Density Micro Edge Card Sockets are ultra-fine-pitch sockets that can be used with standard tolerance PCBs for lower cost and higher yields. The MEC5 are 0.5mm pitch connectors that offer significant space savings over 0.8mm pitch products. They support PCIe Gen 4 signaling and 56Gbps PAM4 performance and are available in vertical and right-angle variants with up to 300 I/Os.

The sockets include a justification beam that ensures the card is properly aligned with the socket contacts allowing for standard board tolerances to be used, with the sockets able to accept cards up to 0.062” thick. MEC5 edge card socket contacts are rated for up to 1.5A per pin and 125VAC or 175VDC. They are offered with through-hole or surface mount rugged weld tabs for a secure PCB connection.

  • Pitch: 0.5mm
  • Signaling: PCIe® Gen 4, 28Gbps NRZ, 56Gbps PAM4
  • Orientation: vertical or right-angle
  • I/Os: up to 300
  • Justification beam ensures proper contact alignment with standard tolerance PCBs
  • Contact rating: 1.5A, 125VAC/175VDC

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