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Semtech SX1261 Development Kit

Semtech SX1261 development kits are based on Semtech’s SX1261 low-power, long-range LoRa transceivers for many IoT applications, including smart cities, building automation, agriculture, and healthcare applications. The kits include two modules, each with an SX1261 RF transceiver, a touchscreen display, and an ST Nucleo MBED board. The transceivers have low active receive current for long battery life, transmit power up to +15 dBm for a link budget up to 163 dB. They have a highly integrated analog front end as well as a DC-DC converter and LDO to minimize the external BOM count and cost. The SX1261 offers continuous frequency coverage from 150 MHz to 960 MHz, covering all sub-GHz ISM bands, and support LoRa and FSK modulation to transition legacy products to LoRaWAN.

  • Low RX current: 4.6 mA
  • TX power: +15 dBm
  • Max Link Budget: 163 dB
  • Highly integrated AFE and power conversion for minimal external BOM
  • Frequency Range: 150 Mhz to 960 MHz
  • Modulation: LoRa, FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK

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