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Silicon Labs Wireless Xpress BGX Modules | New Product Brief

September 01, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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Silicon Labs Wireless Xpress BGX Modules

Silicon Labs Wireless Xpress BGX Modules allow developers to easily add Bluetooth 5 connectivity to any application. The modules are pre-programmed to act as a cable replacement, providing a simple means to securely connect to mobile devices or other BGX modules.

They have a serial interface for connecting to the host MCU, used to stream data or control the device with its command API. The module can be programmed with transmit power up to +8dBm and achieves a 200-meter line-of-sight range.

The BGX13 is offered as a PCB module and a system-in-package, with both options including an integrated antenna and RF matching circuitry. The modules also have Bluetooth and multiple regulatory certifications, providing a faster and more seamless path to get new designs to market.

  • Bluetooth 5-compliant cable replacement solution
    • Encrypted secure communications
  • UART interface with flow control for data and Xpress command API
  • Programmable transmit power
    • Up to +8dBm
      • 200m line-of-sight range
  • Module options
    • BGX13P PCB module
    • BGX13S SiP
  • Bluetooth, CE, full FCC, Japanese, and South Korean certifications

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